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Security Surveillance And Access Control Systems


Video Surveillance systems can be Analogue CCTV Systems or IP CCTV Systems. Each of these systems can be used appropriately as needed, with both having their place. It is also possible to have the best of both solutions via a Hybrid System, enjoying the advantages of lower cost of analogue systems and numerous improvements in data storage, transmission, event recognition etc. offered by an IP system.

We offer integrated security platforms that allows you to DO MORE, SEE MORE as well as cost effective. We offer a comprehensive range of superior security solutions for Industries, Financial Institutions, Oil and Mining Companies, Telecommunication Companies etc.


Fire Safety System


LinTech Micro Systems works with the world’s leading manufacturers of automatic fire detection equipment; to save lives, Protect lives and properties. We install and maintain both light commercial and industrial fire detection equipment from small, conventional systems consisting of a handful of detectors in a single office, to large, multi-building digital systems consisting of hundreds of detectors, ventilation interfaces, voice evacuation and computerized graphics.

We also offer Early Warning Fire Detection and Suppression Systems to Manual and Automatic Gas (FM200 and NOVEC) to Water based fire suppression systems for server rooms.


Hotel Locks, Hotel Management Software and Energy Saver


Recent events have turned the hospitality industry’s focus on safety and security issues. The industry as a whole is challenged to mitigate their vulnerabilities to these rising security concerns without impacting their daily operations, or the guests’ experience. It has therefore become critical for hotels to seek security solutions from providers with a proven track record.

LinTech Micro Systems work with global leader in the development and manufacturing of superior electronic locking, access management systems and Energy Conservation units.


Access Control


Whatever premises you occupy, your basic security provisions must include the ability to control who enters and when. An access control system acts as your own electronic gatekeeper, allowing for the free flow of authorized personnel while denying entry to unwanted visitors.

And with walk-in thieves and trespassers shut out, you dramatically reduce your exposure to crime while increasing the security of your employees, visitors, information and assets.


Intrusion System


LinTech Micro Systems designs and deploys a comprehensive range of high performance intrusion solution, including integrated systems for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential application. Our intrusion solutions cover wired and wireless laser perimeter alarm systems. These can be integrated into video surveillance systems and access controlled systems. These are all based on well-known and world acclaimed brands like Risco, Rokonet and Gardtec.


Automatic Glass Doors And Boom Barriers


LinTech Micro Systems has been designing, selling and installing automatic doors to restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, airports, hotels, office buildings, convenience stores, retail food stores and shops, just to mention a few. With our partners FINE AUTOMATIC DOORS, and BENINCA we supply and install one of the best Italian Automatic Door System, and Boom Barriers which bring convenient access to commercial, industrial and institutional locations.


Nurses Call System


Nurses Call System gives patients an easy way to call for assistance with just a push of a button. Keep them safer and happier at all times. With multiple alerts, your patients and family can rest assured that every concern will be addressed in a timely manner. LinTech Micro Systems designs, sells and installs nurse call system which provides a “One-Stop” communication solution for an intelligent hospital system.


Networking Engineering


We do Installation and Maintenance of Network Infrastructure, Computers and Communication Systems. The field concerned with internetworking service requirements for switched telephone networks and developing the required hardware and software, field concerned with the design and management of computer networks and also developing telecommunications network topologies


Information & Communication Management Systems


A complete information and communication systems management is needed to ensure rapid project delivery and optimal return on information management investment. Identify business requirements for information and communication systems and technology.

  • Business information models
  • Contact/Call Centre Solution
  • Management Information Systems
  • Accounting Software for Business Solutions
  • School and Church Management Software Solutions


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